David is a musical yogi from Wicklow, Ireland. His songwriting is heavily influenced by a practice of yoga & meditation, and a pursuit for peace of mind in everyday life. His sound is rooted in folk with an alternative twist and the music carries the intention to inspire love and connectedness throughout the world.

His debut album, “Learning to Breathe” was released June 6th, 2019.

"In a world that grows increasingly black and white, surging forward with a relentless gait, the gentle, authentic waxing’s of Boland is a calm port in the storm. Filled with wanderlust, ardour and serenity, the Wicklow musicians debut is a winner." - Applause Musicc.

“A few 'mood octaves' up from Sufjan Stevens (not hard to be fair! Poor old SS), Wicklow singer-songwriter David Boland has done everything right in my book on his debut single 'You Go', 'a joyful summation of the pitfalls of 21st century romance' in his own words.” - Remy of The Best of Music and Film

"‘You Go’ is far from a throwaway singer-songwriter cut. Listen to the lyrics, penned in a charming vernacular and alive with a sense of wit. Boland highlights himself as an artist with a knack for cutting lines and a keen self-awareness on this single" - Nialler9

“It’s obvious Boland cultivates and cares for each component part of his tracks as they softly caress and cherish your ears with delightful melodies and instant purity.” - Indiebuddie.com